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11-Sep-2002 - Redwood City, California
P7274288 P7274243 P7274406
27-Jul-2002 - Moffet Field, California
P6224201 P6224200 P6224136
22-Jun-2002 - Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos, California
P3303853 P3303796 P3303868
30-Mar-2002 - Santa Clara, California
P2233491 P2233498 P2233513
23-Feb-2002 - Marin County, California
P1143296 P1143100 P1142950
14-Jan-2002 - Laguna Seca, California
P1132896 P1132914 P1132943
13-Jan-2002 - Monterey, California
P1122836 P1122856 P1122860
12-Jan-2002 - Monterey, California
PB042577 PB042585 PB042592
04-Nov-2001 - Silicon Valley, California
P4270221 P4270273 P4280374
26-Apr-2001 - Scottsdale, Arizona
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